MAXIMUS: requirements elicitation

Wednesday, 09. 7. 2011

In developing the MAXIMUS system it was necessary to work closely with both target user groups (automotive and architectural) in definition of functional and non-functional requirements.

Car designers (Giugiaro)
Car designers often use large display to review projects. They take advantage of the size of the display in order to visualise the concept at 1:1 size without incurring the development costs associated with producing clay models. Despite this, a human operator is still required to alter the view of the model, which disrupts the review process and can lead to a linear, passive experience.

Architects (Page/Park)
Architects use plans along with physical and virtual models to convey a concept to the client which is often discussed on a tabletop environment, before presenting ideas in the form of sketches and drawings on a wall. This approach is traditional, particularly when considering the alternatives provided by new rendering and interactive technologies. In addition, although plans and models more useful in a presentation environment, they are not particularly reusable.

photograph from Page/Park office

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