GSA Product Design Students 2012

Friday, 06. 1. 2012

Some great students and work this year…

Daniel Sunden / Hermitage – Hotel Room of The Future

D&AD Environmental Design Award winner 2012

Hermitage is a transient hotel solution offering transportable rooms that enable a high-end experience in areas that are normally inaccessible by conventional hotels. The brand is a response to current techno-social trends in combination with a more holistic analysis of trends in the hospitality market as well as the world in general.

Hermitage capitalises on an emerging market for techno-escapism combined with the predicted increase in value of sensitive, natural areas as access to them decrease.

John Flitcroft / Insights & opportunities in the mountain workplace

This video was designed to be circulated within a ski and mountain management company. It outlines three insights that lead to opportunities pursued, following a week of user research on site.

The project looked at workplace culture, with an initial focus on innovation.

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