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Friday, 07. 15. 2011

So, I do a bit of this when asked. I’ve done Pecha Kucha twice, which is tantamount to extreme masochism. To make matters worse, both times I suspect it was because someone really funny and interesting had dropped out. Anyway, the clip below was taken at the second of these two events, at the Lighthouse in Glasgow 2009.

Public outings to date; not ‘death by PowerPoint’ if I can avoid it:

Keynote Speaker: BASE Glasgow > Transformational Design – Building Preferable Futures

SECC / November 2013

Keynote Speaker: EVA London > How MIT’s evolving media platform is being used to improve connections between people and their social, cultural, and physical spaces.

London / July 2013

Keynote Speaker: Scottish Women in Technology

Royal Society of Edinburgh / May 2013

Keynote Speaker: ‘IMMERSE YOURSELF’ showcase event

Forth Dimension Displays Showcase
The National Museum of Scotland / September 2011

Working in the Games Industry

Presentation to BSc Computer Games Development students
Glasgow Caledonian University / 2010

Designing for Social Engagement

The Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH)
Cambridge University / 2009

Industry Assessor: MSc Computer Games and Psychology

Glasgow Caledonian University / 2009

Judge: The Glasgow Design Medal

The Lighthouse / 2009

Design for Social Inclusion

British Council ‘Network Effect’ conference
Moscow / October 2008

IMPROVE Project, University of Philadelphia

University of Philadelphia / 2008

Augmented Reality for Visualization of Architectural Design

Electronic Information, the Visual Arts and Beyond
London College of Communications / 2007

Interview in Retro Gamer Magazine (38): ‘virtualityrg

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