Transformational Design

Monday, 09. 19. 2011

One of the strongest, and most relevant, projects designed and managed at Urban Learning Space, was ArenA. With ESF Objective 3 and Scottish Enterprise (Glasgow) funding, the project was set up to investigate how creative approaches could be used to develop technological fluency within adults. ArenA was designed specifically for the Greater Pollok community (within Glasgow). It’s worth pointing out that as Technical Director my involvement was restricted to developing an extension of the project into an online space called StoryBox which was designed to encourage a shared online narrative. The site is long gone, but I should have some screenshots somewhere which I’ll post.

ArenA filming session
The Creative Learning Managers at Urban Learning Space designed an engagement programme to explore the area and identify local needs. Creative techniques such as cultural probes were used to gather information on people’s general interests to their experiences of learning.

To expand this process, a core group of local people were invited to work with professional filmmakers to produce a range of individual stories in the form of fifteen high quality 2min films. These film clips were fantastic, and a ‘Launch Night’ was held at Glasgow Film Theatre involving everyone who played a part in the project. ArenA, from conception to online execution, was well managed and executed, and had a hugely positive effect on those involved.

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