The Italian Job(s)

Thursday, 08. 25. 2011

Involvement as requirement analyst / project manager in the IMPROVE and MAXIMUS projects has allowed me to work with some great automotive design institutions, notably Elasis and Giugiaro respectively.

Giugiaro prototype

Naples based Elasis are part of the Fiat group and use AR and VR heavily in the prototyping stage of testing and development. They have a number of really cool virtual applications, one of which is a ‘reach’ test which allows engineers to determine how far, and with how much ease, users of different sizes can reach into an engine cavity . The resulting data helps inform where removable components such as batteries and spark plugs can be positioned.


Giugiaro are design legends and as I’ll find the various images I have of their work which I have stored on my machine I’ll upload here (or you could just google it). I’ve been lucky enough to work out of their studio in Turin many times and understandably, they are security conscious as hell. That said, I did manage to take this picture of their reception area before being wrestled to the ground by smartly dressed guards. OK, so they were a little politer than that, though the stark white office does have a distinctly 80′s ‘Logans Run’ feel to it. For that matter, so does the car in picture…

Giugiaro office reception area

cheeky Giugiaro picture

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