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Wednesday, 02. 29. 2012

After almost two years of planning and development, we (Skills Development Scotland) launched My World of Work today. The service provides users with information advice and guidance on careers and is, in short, clever, groovy and above all, worthwhile.

Scotland faces significant challenges in evolving to meet the economic and social demands of the 21st century. Long gone is the concept of a ‘job for life’, and they’re not building too many battleships at Rosyth anymore. Clearly there is no silver bullet, digital or otherwise, but I hope at the very least My World of Work helps to provide users with relevant, engaging and useful information. It’s one of the most rewarding digital projects I have been involved in an I am unashamedly proud.


The tech and design stuff associated with ‘My WoW’ probably merit separate posts. In the early stages of design we opted for a LAMP framework (I’ve probably just lost some of you), with a Drupal CMS. So, it was open source all the way and I’d like to think the same progressive spirit endured throughout the project. Oh yes, and we were on the telly…

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