Zone Hunter

Monday, 09. 5. 2011  –  Category: Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D

‘Zone Hunter’ was Virtuality’s flagship game about 1993-94 and it was actually really good. It was coded by a guy called Jason Woodward who’s now with Envie Interactive in the US. There are a bunch of in-game Virtuality clips on YouTube, though this one is particularly good as it features, rather cheesily, some shots of […]

Big (and hungry) in Japan

Monday, 08. 22. 2011  –  Category: Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D

So, I seem to remember the conversation going something like this: Jim (Producer): Don, do you have a passport? me: Yes Jim: are you single? me: Yes Jim: good. go home pack a bag. you’re off to Japan tomorrow. me: for how long?! Jim: I have absolutely no idea… My alarm at the lack of […]


Wednesday, 08. 10. 2011  –  Category: Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D

MAXIMUS examines how the expensive prototyping phases within the automotive and architectural sectors can be improved and streamlined through the dramatic improvement of the ‘visualisation pipeline’ (image acquisition > rendering > projection) and providing designers with the appropriate interaction methods. Like IMPROVE, there’s a great consortium involved in this one: The Fraunhofer Institute, Giugiaro, Page/Park […]


Wednesday, 08. 3. 2011  –  Category: Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D

So, in my opinion one of the best games Virtuality ever produced was Buggyball. Played on the SD machine, it involved four players attempting to knock a giant beach ball out of a huge bowl. Apparently this is played for real on French beaches using 2CV’s.. which I could believe. We didn’t partake in such […]


Monday, 07. 11. 2011  –  Category: Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D

OK, so until my involvement in IMPROVE in 2008 I had never heard of the European Framework Project Programme (known as FP projects), and when making the occasional presentation on past or current European projects I often enquire as to whether anyone shares my ignorance. It would seem most do. The programme is the European […]


Sunday, 07. 10. 2011  –  Category: Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D

In about 1996 Virtuality obtained the rights to port PAC-MAN into an immersive VR environment on the ‘Stand Up’ machine. Looking back, as 3D artist on the project I probably didn’t appreciate being in the┬áprivileged┬áposition of working on one of the most famous game titles of all time. As far as I can remember the […]