online service matrix

Tuesday, 03. 6. 2012  –  Category: IT & Data related, Web / Software development

This occurred to me today, and I don’t doubt that something like this has already been created. Hell, I could be way of the mark, but we were mapping the new components planned for mWoW today it made sense to do so against an online service matrix. Keen to hear anyone else’s thoughts… Bookmark on […]

UAT v staging… (spot the verb)

Wednesday, 02. 29. 2012  –  Category: IT & Data related

so, one is an activity and the other is hardware. For some reason people love the concept of ‘staging’ as if it will resolve issues related to an inefficient publishing process. Anyhow, I found a great post on this recently at by Tony Bessent of Bang on Tony… The Release management discipline covers […]

Paisley Pattern (recognition)

Tuesday, 07. 5. 2011  –  Category: IT & Data related

Yes I know, lame title. I did consider a wordplay around Northern Irish politicians, but do like to leave Glasgow in one piece on a Friday night. Anyway, working in Paisley with IRW was pleasantly satisfying. Having been the ‘techy guy in a design environment’ here I was the ‘design guy in a techy environment’. […]