Zone Hunter

Monday, 09. 5. 2011  –  Category: Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D

‘Zone Hunter’ was Virtuality’s flagship game about 1993-94 and it was actually really good. It was coded by a guy called Jason Woodward who’s now with Envie Interactive in the US. There are a bunch of in-game Virtuality clips on YouTube, though this one is particularly good as it features, rather cheesily, some shots of the SU (Stand Up) pod and visor.

Ok, so it looks pretty dated… and that’s because it is. Zone Hunter effectively ran on a tricked out DX4 which a custom 3D graphics card. The guys did some really clever stuff to keep the gameplay at a reasonable frame rate; swapping models in and out, clever use of GIFs and alpha channels etc. Remember, DOOM was released in 93… an what was the version that you couldn’t look up or down.

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