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MAXIMUS examines how the expensive prototyping phases within the automotive and architectural sectors can be improved and streamlined through the dramatic improvement of the ‘visualisation pipeline’ (image acquisition > rendering > projection) and providing designers with the appropriate interaction methods. Like IMPROVE, there’s a great consortium involved in this one: The Fraunhofer Institute, Giugiaro, Page/Park architects, BARCO, INESC, SPHERON and Glasgow Caledonian University.

My role was to lead the requirements analysis and testing work packages. After a number of workshops with the automotive team from Giugiaro in Turin and Page/Park in Glasgow determining what each group would need from the system, a decision was taken to develop two separate systems, one for each sector.

The automotive solution involved replicating the existing ‘presentation’ environment used by Giugiaro through the development of a powerwall which designers can interact with using PNI (handheld) controllers.

BMW interior

The architectural solution mimicked the collaborative use of the tabletops in Page/Page office and combined this with a vertical projection which provides a 3D representation of the 2D images being displayed on the table.

MAXIMUS automotive setup MAXIMUS automotive tabletop

some video footage of the system taken in Glasgow… Jota needs to speak up ;-)

The project generated some good press:

Caledonian Outlook magazine

extract from Caledonian Outlook magazine

Scotsman article

MAXIMUS in the 'Scotsman' newspaper 19th Feb 2008

Evening TImes article 21st August 2008

The project was based partly out of Turin, which was a city I’d never been to. It’s remarkably underrated; beautiful architecture, culturally rich and the spiritual home of cars with soul.

Ferrari in Turin

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