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So, in my opinion one of the best games Virtuality ever produced was Buggyball. Played on the SD machine, it involved four players attempting to knock a giant beach ball out of a huge bowl. Apparently this is played for real on French beaches using 2CV’s.. which I could believe. We didn’t partake in such indulgent activities on the the beaches of Fife. I would have had to use my Mum’s Talbot Samba… which doesn’t quite have the same panache.

I think this was the first game I worked on at the company, and if memory serves I designed the logo… well, you have to start somewhere. The lead programmer was a guy called Martin Brownlow who went on to join Shiny Entertainment in California and is now a Senior Programmer with Big Point. In short, the man was a physics genius. Drank a lot of coke though… man alive. Anyway, when the car you were driving hit the those beach balls it felt amazingly real. Playing with three other people was an absolute blast and perfectly suited to the immersive VR environment. Having slammed the car into reverse players would have to turn and look behind, exactly in the way you would in a normal car. Watching other users play was almost as enjoyable as playing yourself. The only downside is that the four machines used to trial the software sat directly in front of ‘Scottish Corner’ (the desks where the only other Scot in the operation, Deek, and I sat). It has taken me 14 years to forget that soundtrack…

The Virtuality SD (sit down machine)… this isn’t me… or Deek

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  1. Tarique Naseem Says:

    Ah, brings back memories :)

    I was approached by these guys http://www.zorb.com/rotorua, to develop a game for them. The first thing that sprang to mind was Buggy Ball :) I think I might still do it as an iOS title…

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